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Hi, this is David Stuart from Dental Express.
Dental Tourism is a growing trend for Australians seeking an affordable professional dental makeover that doesn’t require a second mortgage. But like all trips an appointment with dental tourism requires sound planning.

I have been organising Australians to come to our Manila dental clinic for coming up
ten years and we’ve had hundreds of satisfied patients from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, in fact all over Australia. We are the trusted name in dental tourism because we deliver what we promise. Professional and affordable dental treatment using only the finest materials sourced from Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Our clinic is ultra modern and staffed by dental professionals who are highly trained and specialised. By specialised I mean dental implants are placed by our implantologist (Dr Lapin) crowns and Veneers by our cosmetic dentist (Dr Elkie) Endodontics with Dr Katrina, and so on.

Personal Guarantee

It’s very important to me that your dental work is done properly and that you are happy with the result. Not just happy but ecstatic. It’s not uncommon for our Australian patients to state that their visit to our clinic was the best dental experience they’ve ever had. I personally stand by the quality of dental work our patients receive.

Dental Tourism 

Although we use the word Dental Tourism it’s not my favourite phrase because it suggests we’re out to sell you a holiday with dental work thrown in as a side trip. Some Australian travel agents have now taken up the trend by aligning themselves with clinics in different countries but they have very little knowledge of how that clinic performs and take absolutely no responsibility for the dental work. They just want to sell airfares and tours.  Sure you will find tours and hotels etc on this site but our priority always remains your dental work. Our patients are free to organise all other aspects of their trip and free to ask our advise with regards to where to stay and what to do. We don’t try and sell you anything!

Dental Clinics Are Not All The Same 

Australian dentists will often warn patients of the dangers of traveling overseas for dental work and while I do find it a little unfair to wrap all overseas dentists in the incompetent basket, with some countries and clinics I do understand the warnings. Having said that not all Australian dental clinics perform well either as over the years I’ve heard plenty of horror stories. Even in the Philippines not all dental clinics are of the same quality. Some will offer you instant dental implants finished in a jiffy with no regards of whether you have sufficient bone height or density to hold an implant long-term. Unfortunately every industry has its cowboys so it’s important to research.

In the end I can only speak for our clinic and what we offer Australians is affordable and quality dental work provided by competent and well trained dental professionals.

How do I get started?  

Know what you need. This is very important in terms of how long we need you to stay and the cost to complete the work. We recommend you make an appointment with a local dentist and ask them for a restoration plan. Once you have the plan email it to us so we can work out how long you need to stay and give you an idea regarding costs. Alternatively if the work is mainly cosmetic we can give you an estimate based on some pictures of your teeth. Please see here for tips on taking oral photographs and emailing x-rays if you have hard copies.

David Stuart
Dental Express